Citizen Kane



I am one of those crazy persons who, sometimes watch three movies at the same time and is content with watching the beginning, middle or end of the missing part weeks, months or years later. Occasionally I see a movie that draws me completely and evokes in me places, persons, and feelings that are familiar to me even though I may have not experienced them. This happened with Citizen Kane.

 I have seen so many movies, seldom caring to even know the title of the movies I have seen. I was happily surprised that I have never seen Citizen Kane.

I made notations to talk about a shot-by-shot breakdown of a scene for my next participation, but I must jump immediately to the part where Charles Kane says, “I always gagged on a silver spoon…” and then he adds, “If I was not born rich, maybe I would have been a great man…” I believe this to be the essence of the tragedy in the movie and these words are the key to explain Charles life… “Rosebud” was only an ingenious idea to move us trough the tragedy that engulfed Charles Kane’s life.

The movie starts with a “No Trespassing” sign on a dark rainy night with flashes of light imposing the somber view of a castle on top of a mountain premonitioning the tragedy we are about to see. A man is dying and his last words are a puzzle to everyone “Rosebud.”

The flashback takes us to the beginning of his life where destiny imposed, with cruelty, immense richness into the hands of a child who could have, instead, taken the love of his mother if given the chance to do so. Charles was sent away to a boarding school and lived his life moving from place to place, never fitting anywhere but buying anything he wanted. His instinct, it seems, was to do good but his training as a buyer of things always got in the way and was never able to love anyone but himself. He considered himself above all men and human nature confirmed to him more often than not that anything could be bought.

Unimaginable richness put him above men and destiny forced this drug of richness that he accepted and consumed with gluttony. He was never able to give it up even though that meant a life of loneliness. “Charles never gives you anything. He only gives you a tip.”

He tried to do good things, not for the goodness of the causes in themselves, but for the common people to love him. He needed love and he tried to buy it. He failed in politics because he had the training of a king, never understanding the limits of the society he lived in.

I believe that besides the technological advances and genius of the people who made Citizen Kane, we also feel attracted to the drama of seeing one of the richest persons in the world suffering for the same reasons than the rest of us suffer. What I mean by this is that with money,  person can have  many needs fulfilled but the essential ones, like love, family, companionship, a sense of  purpose, among others, cannot be fulfilled with money. I cannot deny money may make things easier- but this things come freely from inside of us and from the way we deal with the world and people around us.

I really enjoyed the movie!!!

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