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Bengewarmer, I enjoyed your review of Double Indemnity. Most of all because it is easy to see that it is truly your point of view and because it is very sincere. I agree with you about “this film plays with your moral center in that, in the end, you’re not sure who you’re happy or sad.” This happened to me also but as I am older and have seen a lot more, this feeling did not last long. These two bad persons are ready to kill to advance their goals.

I also agree about the acting being very good and the fast pace of the storyline. It was very well narrated by the movie Director. I am also looking for more movies where Barbara Stanwyck appears. She is awesome.

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One thought on “Comment to Bengewarmer who is closed to comments

  1. Double Indemnity was a very good movie and I agree with you about the ending and not having that happy or sad feeling, especially when Barbara Stanwycks character is perceived to be this innocent women and she makes a crazy move with the gun.

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