Alfred Hitchcock made this movie to entertain us with a psychological thriller that keeps us in suspense all the time. He plays with us, directing our attention to actions that never fulfill our expectations to later conclude with the unexpected. Personally, I am not a fan of movies like this because they are a game with a goal to scare us. I like to feel other emotions than fear. Out of all the emotions that I like to feel, fear is very low on my list… Having said that, I can see the enormous detail and work that the Director, Hitchcock put in the movie to control the audience.
The thing that I appreciate most is the non-diegetic music which weeks later it is still in my mind…-tun tun tun tun- I felt the same sensation when I saw the movie Jaws. In PSYCHO, a secretary is having an affair with a married man and steals $40,000 from her job. While running away, she stays in a hotel where the owner is a psychotic young man with a split personality who has killed other people already. Norman, the Hotel owner, kills Marion, the secretary; this leads later to his capture and to his institutionalization to a mental hospital.
The movie is shot in black and white, uses the camera to imply symbolisms, social norms of the time, and plays with the idea that the audience enjoys voyeurism. Hitchcock is obviously right in his assumptions, as the movie was a success in the box office.
Norman, played by Anthony Perkins, is the central figure in the movie; he is fascinated by birds that he keeps stuffed and of paintings of birds. He is attracted by Marion but kills her while he is taken over by the protective personality of his mother. Personality that he has created to deal with his personality problems and craziness. Marion is a very sexy woman that is the visual candy of the movie.
I enjoyed the techniques used by Alfred Hitchcock and the way he plays with the audience. I believe these techniques are easily translated to good use in other more fulfilling movies. I intend to see more Hitchcock movies for didactic reasons because although I do not like horror movies, Hitchcock movies are very technical and helpful for a film student.

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1 thought on “Psycho

  1. I’m a huge psychological thriller fan and personally I don’t think the goal is to scare the audience so much as it is to force us to rethink things at the end after revealing the big twist of events. For me, these types of movies generate suspense rather than fear which is good since fear is very low on my list of emotions I like feeling too. I also enjoyed the way Hitchcock plays with the audience, but again, I love movies that play with your mind.

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