Written on the Wind

Written on the Wind

This movie was a pleasure to see. The story is realistic and shows people who make mistakes and those mistakes bring out their character and the best and worst of what they have to offer.
In the movie, an old rich man has two children, his son is weak, and alcoholic, his daughter, Marylee, is a nymphomaniac woman who has been spoiled to the point of self-destruction. The son marries a secretary from New York. The old man’s right hand is a character played by Rock Hudson. He is an engineer and he is in secretly in love with the same secretary.
The marriage doesn’t’ last because of Kyle’s insecurities. Kyle hits his wife, Lucy, who is pregnant and looses the baby. Rock Hudson, Mitch, threatens to kill Kyle. Eventually Kyle returns home, finds Mitch comforting Lucy, and believes that Lucy is pregnant with Mitch’s baby. Kyle tries to kill Mitch but, Marylee struggles with his brother to avoid this from happening, the gun goes off accidentally and Kyle is dead.
In the Court, we are lead to believe that because Marylee is in love with Mitch, she will blame Mitch but in the end, she does not do so. Mitch leaves with Lucy.
The movie is well told; the color is very vivid and the color tones are well made for the appropriate scenes. The editing narrates the picture well through continuity editing. Of all the actors, I believe that Kyle did the best performance as a tormented weak son who disappointed his father and himself. Marylee acts crazy as it is required of her, a completely spoiled woman who wants continuous pleasure like a spoiled little girl.
The music diegetic and non-diegetic is well presented for maximum effect on the audience, especially in the scene where the father is having a heart attack and the daughter is dancing, I believe there is some parallel action in the movie while these scenes are happening. Brilliant!
I enjoyed the movie very much. As time goes by I am getting a better perspective and feel, for the movies I see and I learn continuously from them. I see myself directing a movie and incorporating in it many of the techniques I am learning.

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One thought on “Written on the Wind

  1. I like that you mentioned the scene when Marylee is dancing in her room acting wild after she had already came home late and with drama causing her father to become stressed out and tired of her repeating acts.

    The scene when she is in her room blasting the music and her father in his office, he finally decides to put his foot down and by the time he gets the chance to make that big move he’s having a heart attack, while shes in her room dancing, meaning she only did not know what was going on on the other side of her door, this scene has shown she never really cared too much about anything or her father.

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